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    Brandon Reed

    The humans coming after the mutants at their uncle’s place actually seemed quite authentic to me. The mutants kids are being reported as terrorists on the news that tried to bring down a school during a school dance. They then fled the scene. If a Muslim terrorist activated a bomb in a school during a school dance and then somehow people found out that he was in his uncle’s place in town, you don’t think a bunch a people with guns wouldn’t show up? People formed mobs a attacked random Muslims after 9/11 and every other significant terrorist attack.

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      Joel Schanke

      You’re right on that front. We live in an unfortunate reality where people can be targeted because of another person’s closed-minded, stereotypical views (especially with the world the way it is right now), but that scene still didn’t work for me. There was something about the setup and the way the people acted that didn’t feel right, as if the writers were forcing a conflict. Those group of men decided right there when they saw the picture that they were gonna go kill some mutants? Did the picture even show Andy and Lauren in it? How did they know that it was even them? Maybe I’m being too critical. Not to say that it’s not how people would react, because I know that some would when faced with that knowledge, but I think the whole mutant/human conflict could’ve been played out a little better.


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